Kids Speak 12 Product Description

Moishy is a real leader. He’s not conceited, he tells the truth no matter what, and he’s friends with everyone. The whole class looks up to him. When his class gets into a fight with the parallel class, Moishy suggests a daring and totally unexpected way out that shocks both classes—and now you too.


Lele and her family find themselves struggling with frightening neighbors who threaten them forcefully. Nothing seems to help until… The surprising ending to Lele’s story can help any child or family dealing with difficult, problematic neighbors.


Orit’s grandmother attends a school performance—and turns into the star of a very different show. Orit learns more about her grandmother’s life story and a lot about showing consideration for the feelings of others.


Yoni moves to a new city and has a hard time adjusting. He misses his friends and doesn’t connect with any of the boys in his class. He plans a Great Escape, with the help of…the boys in his new class.


Fourteen boys and girls are the heroes of Kids Speak 12.

Chaim Walder’s popular Kids Speak series brings you more stories about kids aged 8 to 12 on topics they relate to friendship, self-confidence, facing challenges, handling fears, school, and play. In this book, you’ll find stories about children who discover virtues like truthfulness, courage, kindness, gratitude, and more—and in the process find themselves.

Stunning illustrations by Devorah Benedict.