A Dozen Daisies for Raizy – A Shavuos Story

A Dozen Daisies for Raizy – A Shavuos Story

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A Shavuos Story


Raizy is so excited to be heading home for Shavuos after buying a dozen daisies in honor of yom tov.  Then she meets a sad little girl, a lonely old woman, and a busy young mother who need help.

On her own, Raizy understands that Ahavas Yisroel is the best way to get ready for Shavuos, since all Jews stood as one to receive the Torah.

Children and parents will enjoy counting daisies — and mitzvos — as Raizy uses her precious flowers to cheer up friends and neighbors.  Many of the customs and observances of Shavuos are part of the story, and others are included in the back of the book in a special note to readers.

Soft watercolor artwork enhances this beautiful Shavuos tale.



A Dozen Daises for Raizy

Written by Rebbecca Klempner, illustrated by Chava

ISBN: 978-1-945560-23-1

Softcover / Pages 36 / Ages 3-6 / List price $10.95