A Taste of Torah By Aviv Harkov

A Taste of Torah By Aviv Harkov

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This unique cookbook offers a weekly portion of great food, divrei Torah, and Jewish stories based on the parashah to enjoy with the whole family. 
A Taste of Torah allows you to cook up quality time with your kids and shows you how sweet and simple it is to celebrate Shabbat together as a family.

Each parashah includes a gourmet recipe that fits perfectly on an elegant Shabbat table and comes with tips for preparing the dish with your sous chefs (children). 

Shabbat comes alive when the week's parashah and the children's own handiwork is beautifully laid out on the Shabbat table. 

Each recipe is followed by a dvar Torah for the older children and a bedtime story for the younger ones, based upon the Jewish value taught in that week's dvar Torah. 

From Beresheit to Vezot Haberachah, A Taste of Torah is brimming with classic Jewish stories and values. 

A Taste of Torah is the perfect addition to anyone's library or kitchen, as it serves up ancient traditions and values in bite-size servings perfect for sharing with the next generation.