Benny’s Gift

Benny’s Gift

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Benny’s Gift

Inspirational yet full of humor, Benny’s Gift! is a new Benny and Tzvi adventure all about how to great everyone.

Children tend to think that prizes and presents need to be expensive to be valuable.  When Benny wishes he could give beautiful gifts to his family and friends, Tzvi shows him that the very best gift is one that doesn’t cost a cent! Join the two friends on this rollicking adventure, as Benny figures out what this mysterious gift could be…


“It’s a gift that the Torah tells us we should

Give people we meet to make them feel good.

A gift you can give any time, any place

And all that you need is your bright, shining face.”


What a perfect way to highlight the teaching from Pirkei Avos: “Hevei m’kabel kol ahdam b’sei’ver panim yafos.”


Available in Jewish bookstores everywhere!



Benny’s Gift.

Written by Chani Altein, illustrated by Miri Rooney

Characters created by Marc Lumer

ISBN: 978-1-945560-10-1 / LCCN: 2018943832

Hardcover/ Pages 30 / Ages 3-6 / List Price $12.95


Publication Date: April, 2019