Big Like Me! – A New Baby Story

Big Like Me! – A New Baby Story

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Whenever a new baby joins the family, everyone faces a big adjustment.  Even children excited and intrigued by their little sibling might not realize what newborns are really like.

With its charmingly simple and humorous plot, Big Like Me tells what happens when Benny becomes a big brother for the very first time.  He fully expects his new sister to need help catching a ball, unwrapping a lollipop, and reading from a siddur.

In each instance, when Benny observes what the baby is doing, he begins to understand her limitations.  The suspense builds as the loving big brother keeps trying to find a way to bond with the baby.

Young children will enjoy the realistic pastel illustrations of this happy family and appreciate the satisfying conclusion to Benny’s challenge.  A truly perfect gift for any preschooler that has a new baby at home.



Big Like Me

By Ruth Finkelstein illustrated by Esther Touson

ISBN: 1-929628-04-8 / LCCN: 00-109996

Hardcover / Ages 2-5 / List price $10.95

Publication Date: September 2001