Five Alive My Yom Tov Five Senses

Five Alive My Yom Tov Five Senses

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Every day, we rely on our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.  Although the five senses are our windows to the world, it is easy to take these miraculous abilities for granted.

It is important to make children aware of their surroundings and what they can learn and know by paying attention to their senses.

Specifically, sensory clues can certainly reveal which Yom Tov is coming throughout the year!  What better way, then by highlighting the sounds we hear, the aromas we smell, the special objects we touch, the items we see and of course, the foods we taste during the Holidays.

“I can figure out so much, because my fingers feel and touch…”

By looking, listening, smelling, tasting and touching the special objects around them, each of the five children in this book use their senses to discover exactly which Jewish Holiday is being celebrated.

The bright, colorful illustrations are a joy to look at, and the rhyming text is fun to read.  Even young children will love to hear the clues and guess which Yom Tov is coming next!


Five Alive! – My Yom Tov Five Senses

Written by Dina Rosenfeld illustrated by Tova Leff

ISBN: 978-1-929628-09-4 / LCCN: 2002108124

Hardcover / Pages 32 / Ages 2-5 / List price $10.95


Publication Date: February 2003



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