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I Go To School

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Nowadays, it is common for toddlers to spend at least part of their day in a play group, day care or school setting. Therefore, Hachai is releasing I Go to School, a book that very young children can enjoy and appreciate.

Toddlers find comfort and confidence in familiar objects and places. In I Go to School, the children participate in all the important activities that make up a pre-schooler’s day.

A big yellow school bus picks them up and starts a day of fun and learning.

They share toys with friends, paint Aleph-Bais letters, listen to a story and play outside on the slide. The day flies by and soon it’s time to go home! Young children are sure to study the realistic watercolor paintings and ask to hear this rhyming story again and again as a way of sharing their day care or nursery experience.

What a positive message for little ones –school is fun!




I Go to School

Written and illustrated by Rikki Benenfeld

ISBN: 978-0-922613-82-3 / LCNN: 97-74050

Hardcover / 24 Pages / Ages 1-4 / Price $10.95

Publication Date; January 1998