My Jewish ABC’S

My Jewish ABC’S

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My Jewish ABC’s is a new way to introduce the English alphabet to your child…using objects that are an important part of a Jewish child’s world.

In this charming and original picture book, each letter of the ABC’s is paired with a familiar Jewish object or concept to make learning fun.


          A is for Afikomen that Ari can hide.

          D is for Dreidel that Dina did spin.

          G is for Gragger the greatest of toys.


The delightful rhyming verse is printed in large clear type – just perfect for beginning readers.  Bright detailed illustrations will make this book a favorite of pre-schoolers and toddlers as well.


My Jewish ABC’s features:

·Each capital and lower case letter printed in large bold type.

·Colorful action-packed illustrations.

·An alphabet review chart at the end of the book.


What a great way to teach the alphabet and the ABC’s of Judaism!




My Jewish ABC’s

by Draizy Zelcer illustrated by Patti Nemeroff

ISBN: 978-0-922613-62-5 / LCCN: 93-81028

Hardcover / 32 Pages / Ages 2-5 / List Price $10.95