Oops! I’m Sorry.

Oops! I’m Sorry.

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Has your child ever balked when it came time to apologize to you, to a sibling, or to a friend?  Or, has your child tossed off many thoughtless “I’m sorry’s,” that don’t seem to mean anything?

Then this colorful, rhyming book is for you!

When Gavi makes a mistake one day, he only says, “Oops!”  With his older brother and sister showing the way, Gavi learns three important ways to show he’s truly sorry.

To achieve good relationships with others and with Hashem, it’s vital to know how to face the mistakes of the past and repair them for the future.

Just in time for the Teshuva season, Oops! I’m Sorry, is a great way to make this process accessible and easy for children to understand.

A fun read with a great message for all ages!


Oops! I’m Sorry!

Written by Sara Blau illustrated by Erin Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-945560-20-0 / LCCN: 2019933685

Hardcover / Laminated pages / Ages 2-5 / List Price $10.95

Publication Date; September 2019