The Sefer Torah Parade

The Sefer Torah Parade

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“Today is a very special day because a new Sefer Torah is almost finished…”

Join two young children as they attend the ceremony for the completion of a brand new Torah and march in the Torah Parade.

Every detail of the experience is lovingly described through a child’s eyes:  the festive music, flags and torches, the silver crown atop the Torah, the singing, dancing and rejoicing.

Even the very youngest child will realize that the Torah is our greatest treasure while reading and enjoying The Sefer Torah Parade.




The Sefer Torah Parade

Written by Tzivia Adler illustrated by Avraham Zmora

ISBN 13: 978-1-929628-91-9 / LCCN: 2016953271

Hardcover / Laminated Pages / Ages 2-5 / List price $10.95

Publication Date; January 2017