What Else do I Say? A lift the flap book

What Else do I Say? A lift the flap book

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Children love interactive surprises… and that’s why they’ll love lifting the flaps to find out what to say in so many different situations.


It’s fun to visit someone’s house

And every time I go

The first thing that I always do

Is smile and say  … “Hello.”


Children will discover: what to say when greeting someone new… what to say when someone shares a toy… what to say before going to sleep.

Bright, cheerful illustrations will interest even the youngest children.



What Else Do I Say?

Written by Malky Goldberg Illustrated by Patti Argoff

ISBN: 978-1-929628-34-6 / LCCN: 2006937699

Hardcover / Ages 1-3 / List price $9.95


Publication Date;  May 2007